4 Self-Care Tips That’s Been Helping Me

Inhale! And exhale! Hold your breath in for five seconds and let it out nice and slow.

Meditation and getting that good ole TLC in often is good for your mental health. There is no right or wrong way for improving your mental health because we are all doing what works for us the best. I wanted to share with you some self-care tips that have been helping me. I am still adding some other ones to my routine, but these are really good as well. Before you can indulge in any self-care routine, you must remove any distraction you have surrounding you. Last year was a little bit stressful; dealing with unnecessary things and people. I had to fallback from interviewing people especially publicist’s clients because none of them had a desire to pay and I’ve been a freelance writer for over 15 years! Not anymore Satan! I’ve cut myself away from all of them and magazines I was freelancing for since I wasn’t getting no pay from it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gained experience as a freelance writer but no one stated that you have to work for free your entire life either!

Creativity at it’s best! I was born as a creative with a very vivid imagination. I chose coloring because adult coloring books are great therapeutic ideas when it comes to self-care! I try to color every day if not every other day. It helps to relax my mind, body and soul. So if you are artsy like me, then you would love to color! Any other creative idea would be painting, making jewelry or sewing. Whatever one you choose, try doing that for at least 30 minutes.

A page from the Exhale: A Self-Care Coloring Book by Latoya Nicole

We all need this! If your job is stressful, please take a break! We don’t need anyone passing out or getting migraines or headaches because your job is stressing you out. Get you some good TLC time and step away from your desk for a few minutes. Relax your mind by either going back to tip #1 or do something different like take deep breaths, listen to relaxing music or even lay down (if you work from home) There is no point of trying to get a task done all at once if it’s too stressful. If the task is for yourself, be gentle with yourself and set a goal deadline you would like for the task to be completed. If for your job, then pace yourself. Your boss should understand!

You matter the most! So take time for yourself. Love yourself! Pay attention to yourself!

~That Riverz Gurl

Recently I started listening to meditation music while I’m laying in bed. It’s a combination of violin sounds, sounds from China and other countries and pianos. I really love how they sound and how it relaxes my mind when I’m going to sleep. I don’t go to sleep easily, so some sleep sounds and meditation music usually does the trick for me. Doing meditation before bed will loosen up your mind and relax your body. If you haven’t already tried meditation, now is the right time to try it!

“Live your best life with no distractions. Focus on your well-being and how you can improve daily”

~That Riverz Gurl

What makes you happy? Whatever it is, do it everyday. Whether it’s smiling at someone, encouraging someone, watching your favorite show or texting a friend, do it! It it makes you smile and happy, then add it to your daily routine. No one can ever take that from you. Welp I hope you enjoyed reading my self-care tips and if you can, please share your self-care tips as well! That would be awesome!

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