It’s Time to Take a Break and Reset! 5 Ways to Detox from Social Media

The last hour you have been scrolling on your social media feed looking at some crazy posts or people posting negative things. Or maybe you are on TikTok (I love Tiktok videos) and you are watching different videos and reels of cats and dogs going some crazy things. There is nothing wrong with being on social media, but there is a time where we all have to take a break and detox from it all. I don’t get how some people can stay on social media all day long 24/7 looking at different posts. When do you find time for yourself and to relax mentally? Here are some ways that you can detox from social media and feel refreshed.

Photo Credit via Shutterstock Images
  • Log off from social media from all your accounts on your phones and laptop. And if you have a kindle or a smaller iPad, log off of those as well. When you are logged off, you are now free of your mind to relax at ease with no distractions from the virtual world.
  • Scheduling screen-down time on your phone. On my iPhone I am able to schedule screen-time so that I won’t have to use my social apps on my phone for a specific amount of time. It can be tempting to ignore that reminder, but honestly it’s actually healthy for your mental health. Taking the time away from social media allows you to focus on more important things around you.
  • Temporary disable your social media accounts for a week or so. A lot of people do this all the time just to get a break and to reset their mind mentally. The longest I’ve been off Facebook was three months and that was a long time ago. I challenge you to disable your social media accounts and see how you feel afterwards.
  • For your morning routine, don’t reach for your phone if you normally do that first thing in the morning. Instead try listening to an inspirational podcast or do something else that’s empowering to you.
  • Replace social media time with a hobby or an activity. By doing this, you are focusing on yourself and creating outlets for yourself and your mental health. Use your energy wisely on things that matter more.

For some, it may be a big adjustment as part of their daily routine and lifestyle, but in reality detoxing from social media is healthy and will teach you to appreciate things around you more. Like for instance, focusing on what makes you happy, how to improve your mind setting, spending more time with loved ones, family, and friends, doing more activities, and just living life without the virtual world hanging on your shoulders.

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