Ways To Avoid Burnout at Work

We all want that perfect job where we can go in, do some work that isn’t stressful, then leave and go home happy as ever. Well, it doesn’t always work like that because some bosses expect you to work those long hours with no breaks or even time to breathe. Are you taking your breaks like you are suppose to? Do you sometimes step away from the desk just to give your eyes a break from the screen? If you answered no to some of these, then I strongly encourage you to do so to avoid burnout on the job. Let’s look at some ways where you can avoid the stressful burnouts at work without feeling overwhelmed all the time.

  • Plan Frequent breaks during work– If your job requires you to sit down all day in front of the computer, then your eyes and body can easily get tired or start to hurt. Make sure you plan your breaks throughout the day. Step away from your desk to walk around a little to stretch those muscles a little.
  • Prioritize projects– Whichever projects are important, do those first. Don’t feel pressured to get everything done at one time. It will be there the next day!
  • Remember your mental health is important and you should always put yourself first! That means if you are feeling mentally drained, fatigue, and can’t make it through the rest of the day, let your boss know and leave a little early. They will understand; if not, shame on them!
  • Get your steps in at work!– That’s right! If you have a tracker for steps or a Fitbit like I have, then you should know how important steps are. Try taking five minutes just to walk around the building, hallway, or the office. I do this all the time and it has been doing wonders throughout my day. Keep moving and keep hydrated as well.
  • Manage your stress– When it’s crunch time at work, our body tends to work overtime and can cause some tension and stress. Make sure you are managing your stress correctly to avoid the migraines and headaches. Remember, your mental health is number one.
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Try practicing some of these tips when you are at work so that you know how to balance your time and work well. You only have one life, so make sure you are taking care of your body and eating right. How can someone work all day and not take one single break? Wouldn’t that hurt your body if you are sitting down on the job? If you are standing up, you need to take a break and sit down as well. I can’t imagine sitting down or standing up for more than five hours with no break in between. Even if you are constantly moving, you can easily be burnout as well because your body still needs to rest as well. When my Fitbit reminds me of the number of steps I have left for the hour, I try my best to walk around a little bit until I reach that particular step goal my watch tells me I need to have. I don’t always do that all the time because I get lazy and I just sit at my desk and continue my work without even thinking about it. My other job which is in retail I do enough walking around where I’m always getting my steps in. I also think that mental health should be discussed more in the workplace so that everyone knows the importance of it. Like I mentioned before, if managers or supervisors don’t understand the importance of taking breaks and stepping away from your desk or work area, then they need to become educated on mental health entirely. Just make sure that you are taking care of yourself at work and while you aren’t at work. It makes a difference.

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