20 Things to Help You Relax for Mental Health

Relax! That is music to my ears! When was the last time you relaxed and didn’t have to think about anything that you have going on? I find that relaxing for an hour a day can decrease certain levels of stress and improve your mental health as a whole. There are so many different ways that you can relax at home where you don’t even have to spend any money. Here are twenty things you can do to relax.

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  • Listen to some music! Create yourself a playlist and find yourself a comfortable spot at home and go into full relaxation mode. I have several playlists on my phone that I listen to depending on my mood.
  • Watch TV.! For me, I enjoy watching a good movie or one of my favorite shows. I can easily relax and entertain myself with a good show.
  • Turn your phone off for a couple of hours– Want some real peace and quiet? Then try turning off your phone. Or you can simply put your phone on do not disturb and you won’t receive any notifications. I also like to schedule screen time on my phone as well so I can take a break from social media apps.
  • Meditation– I find a lot of people doing meditation for mindfulness. I’ve done it a couple times at night before bed with meditation music. It really does soothes the mind and soul.
  • Take a walk– It doesn’t have to be a park, but somewhere simple in your neighborhood. If you have a trail like I do, you can easily walk for 30 minutes and just relax your mind. Walking is also good for your mental health.
  • Read a book! Lately I have been reading motivational and inspirational books; things I can relate to. If you love books or want to try something new, buy or rent a good book to relax your mind.
  • Sit by the poolside for an hour or two– As soon as it gets warm, the pools start to open. I live in a community where we do have a recreation center that includes a pool. Honestly, I barely go to the pool lol. Right now it’s way too hot and I can’t be in the heat for long periods of time.
  • Spend time in your hobbies– If you have a hobby or several, spend more time in your hobbies. That will allow you to relax and enjoy what you enjoy doing the most.
  • Hang out with friends– Catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile and just have fun.
  • Go on a date with yourself– Self-care is very important and having that alone time with yourself definitely allows us to get to know ourselves better.
  • Volunteer– Community service is always needed. Find something that you enjoy and seek out volunteer opportunities.
  • Go to the spa– That is also apart of self-care and it can definitely relax your whole body.
  • Drive somewhere– Some people states that driving is good for relaxation as well. Pick a city or state close by and travel to a new scenery.
  • Try a new extracurricular activity– Find out what you are passionate about and find an activity that aligns with it.
  • Spend time with family– Family times are the best times to relax and unwind.
  • Take a few hours to clean house– A lot of people find that they can relax when they are cleaning.
  • Plan a get-away trip with either friends or family– Everyone deserves to get away from everything once in awhile and just have fun.
  • Exercise! What better way to fully relax then to lift weights and do stretches? I think a lot of people find that exercising is not only important for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.
  • Coming up with positive affirmations– Create your own positivity and light!
  • Journaling– Whatever is on your mind, grab a notebook or a journal and start pouring out your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy this post! Feel free to comment things you like to do for relaxation as well!

~That Riverz Gurl

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