Ways You Can Stay Productive on Slow Days at Work

Your boss gave you tons of projects to complete during the beginning of the week and by Thursday you already completed the tasks. Looking at the clock, it’s slow and your workday just got boring all of a sudden. Sounds familiar? There are times when work gets busy then it slows down. In a way that’s a sign that you need a break and to take a break to catch up with yourself mentally. But there’s the other side that you need something to do to to kill time between now and 5 pm. We all been through those type of dry spells at work and it feels like we aren’t going to survive the workday. Here are some ways that you can still look and act busy at work when you don’t have any real work to do at times.

Photo Credit by Mike Cho/ Unsplash Photos
  • Read a good book- You will be surprised how time will go by fast when reading a good book. The next time you are packing your stuff for work, be sure to pack a book or a magazine with you.
  • Do some journaling- If you enjoy writing like me, then you will not have an issue with writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just writing down your thoughts or you can just write about your week so far.
  • Organize/Clean-out drawers- There is nothing wrong with a little spring cleaning! Organize your desk or get rid of some old paperwork you don’t need.
  • Listen to some soothing music- Music is a great self-therapy tact. Just don’t get too comfortable just in case boss comes in your office needing something.
  • Color- Who said you are too old to color?! There are plenty of adult coloring books that you can purchase. Whenever the work flow slows down, take out a coloring sheet, your coloring pencils or crayons and have a quiet meditation moment all by yourself.

Now that you have some new things to do while it’s slow at work, you won’t ever have to be bored again! Now if you didn’t find any of these prompts interesting, maybe there are other things you can do to kill time. I hope you enjoyed reading yet another post with It’s a Riverz Gurl Wurl. Please be sure to follow on IG and like the Facebook page A Riverz Gurl Wurl as well to stay connected.

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