Tis The Season to be Blogging!

The holidays are officially here! Bloggers and writers have a lot of different opportunities to let their creativity shine! What is your favorite part of Christmas? As for me, I love the Christmas music and lights! My mom loves to decorate the house with lights and other decorations every year. She puts them up super … Continue reading Tis The Season to be Blogging!

Thoughts on a Horizon

Our mind is never blank because there is always something we are always thinking every second; every minute of the day. Have you ever went to bed with a lot of stuff on your mind? No need to feel ashamed because I for one do it all the time. It could be small thoughts like … Continue reading Thoughts on a Horizon

Journaling From the Heart, Get Write to It!

Photo credit via http://www.thesweatlife.com Don't be afraid of the pen and notebook! Journaling can be for everyone because we all have thoughts floating around in our head. Currently I am thinking "How can I move my brand in the upcoming year?" I always look for ways that I can improve my brand of writing and … Continue reading Journaling From the Heart, Get Write to It!