May is Mental Health Awareness Month. How is your Mental Health Looking?

Grab your green apparel and ribbon because all month long in May it is Mental Health Awareness Month! There are billions of people who suffer from a mental illness. I am one of those people who was ashamed for years that I have mild depression and anxiety. People would think I’m crazy because of how I acted sometimes if I was upset or angry. I never knew how to manage my emotions properly, so they would come out however. This is why Mental Health should be talked about more because a lot of people (especially young people) are going through a lot emotionally and mentally and don’t get the help they deserve or need.

Photo Credit via Unsplash

What are some of your top mental health tips that you normally go to daily to just hit that reset button and to simply unwind? For me, I personally like to listen to music or just relax watching TV. It is okay to not being okay at times. Some people think that you have to keep a straight face at all times portraying the tough person. Negative! If something is bothering you, you are allowed to vent, you are allowed to cry, you are allowed to speak about it! Find someone that you can trust and confide in to tell your problems to. Seek a therapist if necessary. Whatever you do, don’t keep silent. A lot of young adults, teens, kids and adults have kept quiet most of their lives and now most of them have committed suicide because of emotional neglect, stress, anger, and pressure. Don’t allow someone to be the next victim if you know someone that is struggling mentally and emotionally.

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